Hostage or captor?


How are you separating yourself from your peers? Someone already said you are a team of very different individuals, but are you adjusting to your team or being resilient in standing out? So here is my challenge for you – look inward and analyze yourself. What skills are you happy with, where will they most likely take you? Do you want to go there? What is your dream, what skills do you have that fits this and what skills do you need? Do the right people know and how are they currently helping you in this direction? How are you making it easy for them to push you into the direction you want to go into?
Something think about and attempt doing everyday.

Do you Play?

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I found this through my thesis research and found it was worth sharing:

This is ‘play’ as the great philosophers understood it: the
experience of being an active, creative and fully autonomous
person. The play ethic is about having the confidence to be
spontaneous, creative and empathetic across every area of your
life – in relationships, in the community, in your cultural life, as
well as paid employment. It’s about placing yourself, your
passions and enthusiasms at the centre of your world.

P Kane, ‘Play for Today’ in The Observer,see also his book P Kane, The Play
Ethic: a manifesto for a new way of living (London:Macmillan, 2004)