CouchSurfing (CS) in Venice

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I wanted to say thanks for a fantastic 2013! To celebrate the start of 2014, I got to spend some time with some amazing people from the CS community in Venice. A strong and so friendly bunch!

Highlights of the night for me: 

– Random dancing in the group
– Everyone sharing champagne, when I was in need of a corkscrew.  
– Help with the corkscrew problem. Result = open bottle 🙂 
– More random smiles and general joy! 

Keep in mind that until meeting these people, they where complete strangers to me and I to them. CS attracts some pretty amazing people and I got to see several of these! 

Below a picture of high CS spirit! 

Best wishes for 2014, 
Christian  CS White Venice

160 Days

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Hi blog,

It has been a while since I have been posting on you. I sincerely have to apologise for being so absent and not paying you the deserved respect + attention. I hope, that you can forgive me?

Let me start with filling you in on what has happened since I posted the last time. Some of it might actually explain my absence from you.

Most of the 160 days. Has it really been that long time ago? Well most of those 160 days I spend getting my ear fixed – part of the process involved getting it cut off and sewn back onto my head. Not something I can recommend, unless it is absolute necessary. Well that process took almost 6 months, and I spend most of that time in Denmark.

Going to your ear-doctor (better than Otolaryngologist, which I am not even sure how to pronounce), leaves you plenty of time to do other stuff. So what did I do? I could not be physical active as the ear-doctor told me to stay idle. I think doctors only proscribe idleness when they are not sure how to proceed. Anyways, so I had to occupy my mind somehow and did this by job-hunting + reading/writing. The later, not for you obviously, but for online fora’s trying to break new ground. I attended a few online projects to dream/think up new ways of doing management. Very interesting and I meet some interesting people in the process. I also worked with online marketing for a few small Danish consultancies in Denmark. One of them is still on my list as clients being served by the awesome person I am (see, still humble as ever).

Anyways, when I got my ear stuff sorted out I was left with 3 jobs. One of them being IBM, but I hate dress-codes, so I shoved it! This meant that I hat Barcelona or Cork to go for. Obviously Spain would have seemed the right choice, but it was not paid enough for me to make anything above a decent living. No options for building savings are usually a poor choice. So I went ahead with Cork, which is a nice town and place to live. Though the work environment sucked, I managed to stay 2,5 months – within this time period 4 new hired people left and the week after I left my supervisor resigned. So I guess that kind of gives the picture?

From a previous experience (Infurn-al – Berlin), I learned that life is too short to work in crap environments that does not allow progress or you to change things for the better. So I resigned without having sorted out what to do next. With some work and luck, I landed 3 opportunities again. This time, even better than before. Two sales gigs in Dublin and a HR admin in Prague. I ended up going ahead with one of the sales gigs in Dublin. Partly because the company and work environment is awesome, not to mention the benefits and pay. Partly, because I would be able to develop my sales skills – which I think would be not such a bad idea for the future.

So the current gig is running at LinkedIn. You might be familiar with LinkedIn, but just to sum up it is a professional online platform for people to connect on work/business topics. Very interesting concept indeed and have already given my some great introductions to interesting people in my area.

Day for Failure was also a project I recently worked on. I setup a local workshop for discussions on failure in Dublin, as part of the global Day for Failure on the 13th October. It was quite interesting, and I mainly used the LinkedIn platform to promote this. This turned out to bring along some very interesting people to this workshop and provide some very interesting talks. I will soon post another post on this I think, just to show some of the tools we used and some results.

Well, that is about it? There has been a few adventures in between all this, such as hiking the Wicklow Mountains and enacting some scenes from Hangover III in a weekend out.

I have been very active in the CS community in Cork as well, which was a great experience. My partner in crime (Janet) and me conspired to activate the Cork community. This worked out quite well, and we managed to have weekly meetings with lots of fun and got a lot of new people onto CS.

Well, I will leave you with this update now and get back to learning some languages and finishing up the Day for Failure review.