You know what day it is today?


You know what day it is today?

We often forget that today is our favorite day.

Today we relish and memorize the past.
Today we are excited about the future.
Today we think about the once we care for.
Today we ache for friends we miss.
Today we crave for a piece of cake.
Today we dream and these become true.
Today we meet yet another challenge with a smile.
Today we face a new lesson to learn.
Today is now, not then or to be.
Today we be formidable, because
Today is our favourite day.


Pep talk

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Yo guys – follow the word of the migthy leader. Stop sitting around here (well read a little more) and go make something awesome for the world. Boring is easy, awesome needs travel every day!
– Did you write that one sentence yet?
– Did you put on your shoes yet?
– Did you read that first page of the book yet?
– Did you brainstorm that idea of yours for five mins?
– Did you ask that question to a peer yet?

If you think about it, you probably already got the “some”. Right? Time to add the “awe” and complet it.

Her comes the sun

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I just saw this video and had to share this. It is an amazing gift and use of talent. Show up in this place of despair and spreading joy.

For all who does not know “oficina de empleo” is the place you go when unemployed. Spain currently has one of, if not the, most unattractive unemployment rates.

Enchanting people and inspiring them when times are rough might be one of the most human gifts you can have. I just wish there would be a way to put such treats into words – because I cannot think of any way that would be as true as the genuine experience itself.

Fröhliche Kriegsweihnacht!


The story of Iron Sky is one I have followed from the early days. It is truly an amazing and inspiring one. A few guys in Finland basically had this slightly mad idea about nazis on the moon as a movie. Several years later they premier at the international film festival in Berlin (Berlinale), turn a profit, create opportunity for further realization of their dreams. They were not able to do this without their own commitment to this idea. However, they also realize that it would have remained a crazy idea if not for the amazing support from an army of online strangers. Generating hype, buying tickets to movies, merchandise, war bonds, sharing the idea with friends, demanding more!

Why we fight, support the troops, sharing recognition. Those are three things that have been very important for the success of Iron Sky.

Leo & Tim on goals.

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I just finished up watching this video and can highly recommend watching L&T discussing goals. Both guys are on my list of weekly reads and seeing them grind heads are quite interesting. Somethings that boggled in my mind was

– Achieving 60% of goals

– closing your eyes and reviewing your last 48 hours before your imaginary demise

– Being contend with the status quo

– Not all who wander are lost

– focus vs. presence

– success vs fulfilment

– appreciation vs achievement

Movember Final Mo

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Movember Final Mo

So the final Mo was not much to brag about, since it was scarely more hair than my younger brothers could have grown in a months time.
What is much more interesting is the effect here off. Together with my fellow colleagues at work we managed to raise no less than EUR €7,734 over a month. This I find pretty impressive and much more worthy to take note off other than my missing ability to grow facial hair.

For a cause…

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Hi Guys,

If you have not yet gotten the news – here it is Movember is here. So by the end of this month too many creepy moustaches will be seen around lunchtime.

Now here is the Step-by-Step guide to join the cause:

Step 1. Become a Mo-Bro and grow your own Mo! OR Become a Mo-Sister and support prostate cancer research! Join here.

Step 2. Spread the word and let other people know.

Step 3. Donate (if this is not possible return to step 2) for the cause here.

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