Hostage or captor?


How are you separating yourself from your peers? Someone already said you are a team of very different individuals, but are you adjusting to your team or being resilient in standing out? So here is my challenge for you – look inward and analyze yourself. What skills are you happy with, where will they most likely take you? Do you want to go there? What is your dream, what skills do you have that fits this and what skills do you need? Do the right people know and how are they currently helping you in this direction? How are you making it easy for them to push you into the direction you want to go into?
Something think about and attempt doing everyday.

World record ticked of the list.

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World record

It came with the postman

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Iron Sky Original Sound Tracks

This came with the post the other day! It had been stuck on repeat the whole weekend. I believe my neighbours might believe that I have developed neo-nazi tendencies >.< Heil Laibach!

Iron Sky Part 3 – On stage producer

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The producer walks on to the stage at a third applause following the one at the movie ending and the one at the credits ending. He is introduced and asked to explaining the initial idea and process for the movie. As all good Finnish ideas, it seemed that this emerged six years ago in a sauna. I imagine like this:

After completion of Starwreck. The scene is a whole film crew sweating.]
Dude, what is next?
I do not know?
How about nazis? From the moon?
Ehm… hmm… Ahh… Not bad!

We where introduced to the thought process of the producers and their fears. What was the most interesting was the part about the fans. They knew they needed a lot of money, but where not sure how to get their hands on to this. So they ingeniously devised a system where fans could take ownership in the movie by investing in it. Profits from the movie will then be shared back to the fans. Nevertheless, the fans were not in any position to fund all the millions required. So the producers also had to go out and ask for further funding from different funds. It turned out that the fans where an asset in this process, as the major interest from fans to invest in the movie where received positive by the funds. Furthermore, these fans also spread the word online and the producers were able to map out the fans interested in the movie, which also was a convincing fact. The mapping of the fans also played a role in the distribution stage. Distributers where not completely convinced by the script and would like to see the movie before buying in. In particular the German distributors, where Nazi themes remain controversial. The fan mappings and interest where a convincing fact for these companies.

It is a known fact by entrepreneurs that banks will indulge with your requirements of funds if you can present a batch of committed buyers or orders. This is actually what I expect happened here. The fans have contributed so much into this project, that it materialised and this convinced people who need to sell tickets that someone would buy these. The concept is interesting and is supported practical examples of online case from, or My curiosity is considering whether we could be moving towards an economy we demand fuels innovation and creation. We could see huge blockbusters produced on the basis of national or worldwide demand, not because a Hollywood firm decided for the production. It may endanger some of the more artistic and low-budget movies, but perhaps these will be able to serve a more localised demand and revel amongst local support and funding. The failure rates and movie flop list may also decrease. Decisions will no longer be made by a handful of “supposed” experts, but directly by the end consumer. Success will benefit the investors. Since they partly are the fans, these will get new funds for further investments. We would see the funds move towards the movies you and me would actually like to go and see. It may even go as fare that a ban of online file sharing services and increased copyright protection might not be necessary anymore. Afterall you need to be a sensible fan/investor and protect your interests, right?

Iron Sky Part 2 – on the screen



What will follow now, is a review of the movie Iron Sky. Please be advised that if you wish the best impression of the movie and most enjoyment it cannot be advised that you continue this reading any further. All credits go to creators and copyright owners of the movie for their toil and performances in the making of Iron Sky. Serious credit to the fans and the enabler of the fans to make this movie find port and materialise at the Berlinale! 


The movie heads out with a moon landing in 2018. It turns out as an endeavour to promote the current US president (probably the embodiment of Sarah Palin) for the second term. The astronauts lands on the moon and quite quickly encounter moon soldiers dressed in “Third Reich” outfit. One of the astronauts gets shoot immediately and second is taken capture. Following an objective screening of the “Fourth Reich”, the viewer is presented with the new “Führer Wolfgang Kortzfleisch” played by Udo Kier. Everyone is dazzled as the astronauts, James Washington, is revealed to be black.

Following an introduction to Klaus Adler the aspiring next Führer and Renate Richter who is an expert on earth and English, we are brought straight into the result of living more than 70 years on the dark side of the moon in a nationalistic-social society. We are revealed to the creations of engineering, but also to the lack of creativity in such a setting. Like the “kick ass cellphone and computer!”. The twisted minds at work for this screen play also went so far to invent the “Albinoniere”, which besides promoting the albino gene also seems to be inducing blue eyes and blond hair. This effectively turns our black hero into a white-hero for almost the rest of the movie.

With the creamed up James Washington, Herr Adler and Frau Richter goes to the earth to prepare for the counter-invasion. Counter-invasion, since James Washington is believed to be part of a scouting force preparing a large scale invasion. At first this seems weird and perhaps a bit confusing. Why has the Moonnazis spend decades on the moon building up their forces only to attack as a defensive strategy? Besides the missing parts for the “Götterdämmerung”, this is soon revealed on the earth when Frau Richter gives a speech. A speech you could not possibly have thought come from a Moonnazi. It turns out that there are two groupings of Moonnazis. The ones that believe they are the superior race and needs to take back the earth in order to dominate it as it superiors, which is easiest done by exterminating all other sub-humans. The second group also believes the Moonnazis is the superior race, but that this demands them to be the mentors of and help the sub-humans on earth. Thereby we are introduced to the swastika as a peace symbol, much like in Buddhism. The second group reminds me of a joke from Eddie Izzard. He would trust world peace to the organisational wizards of Germans and let them organize peace everywhere.

On the earth mission of Herr Adler and Frau Richter, we soon learn that the earth seems to be in a worse state than the deprived minds of the Moonnazis. Not only because a “Sarah Palin” figure is in the white house, but the general conduct of earthlings seems to be severely sickened, to use Frau Richters words. What we found in surplus of social order in the Moonnazi colony is most certainly missing on the earth. During their earth mission, Herr Adler and Frau Richter becomes key advisers to the president and initiates her reelection campaign with bold statements.

It works out pretty well for the Moonnazi propaganda machine. Just until the Führer Kortzfleisch shows up to remind the stray Klaus Adler why he has been sent to earth. From here on, a war between the Moonnazis and the earth unfolds.

The ending features Renate Richter condemning the salute, defying the purity of the Aryan race and being left with the surviving people of the Moon Reich. From here we are thrown back to the UN operation room, where war breaks out as America claims the Helium-three as spoils of war. Soon you have the nations turning towards each other. The movie zooms out from the moon base. It passes a space battle between the UN member countries, then the earth as to the tangents of a piano nuclear strikes hits the surface and extinguishes life and light, then passing Mars, before ending in the vast nothingness with only the sun to indicate earths direction.

The introduction to the moon base is quite interesting and is rich with fascinating discoveries. How did they find Helium-three on the moon and how do they extract it? How come they have limited computing power, but rather advance machinery? Did they do all calculations in their heads? There is a vast opportunity to spinoff further stories from this. Also with the story of the earth. What happened after the nuclear strikes? Why did India or Australia not get hit? How was life like before the invasion from the moon? How was the different space-weaponising programs conducted in secrecy from each other? Why did Finland not arming their spacecraft? Last but not least, when and how did North Korea join the UN? Already now you can find the first free comic online based on the movie plot.

The attention to details in the movie cannot be critiqued until I have seen the movie a second or third time. However, the first impression of the movie tends to leave you in awe of the screen writers imagination. The humour and twists are a nice flavour to the whole story. The idea of changing the mission of the NPD into one of peace and love with the swastika as a symbol seems so outrageous that it is funny. Or, blaming Indian for the moon base, because the swastika shape gives a nice view of our cultural differences and a good laugh.

Mars was an intriguing part, because non of the other planets was featured in the end. Could this be a sign for USSR, DDR or Stasi invasions coming up in a sequence? The producer following the credits to answer the audiences questions could only tell us so much: “Maybe”.

Iron Sky Part 1 – prescreening

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Ten am. Half the group of eight has already shown up. We still have 30 minutes before the movie commences and the doors are shut. Tickets was purchased two days in advance and subject to the kind thoughts of a friend. Without her, it would not have been possible to get tickets and all credit for this and following blogposts should go to her.

We are standing next to the crowd of antagonized people still trying get their hands on the few remaining tickets. Someone skips the crew and a guy with his head buried in a book instantly shouts out: “Hey Du! Du bist Scheisse! Drängel dich doch nicht vor! wie Kindisch! Scheissverhalten!”. There is no mercy when stuck in a que. The only thing preventing the fist-fury from taking place is the gnawing backthought of defaulting on once current space in the que.

A woman walks up asking for spare tickets. We kindly tell her that we still have two tickets but are missing Laura, Anne, Ben and Charles. Suddenly the group is enlightened with the fact that we got two tickets to few or two people surplus. Dread and gloom starts to descend. The crowd does not know each other well enough to decide who is not part of the crowd. Everyone, whom already got their ticket, grab on to it with both hands.

Everyone looks scared and frightened; that their ticket might be redistributed to someone else. The two people who volunteered for the queuing looks at each other. Who is at fault? Nobody is. The fact that; they convinced two other people in the que to buy a ticket on their behalf, surcumpass the two tickets per person limit, and being short on cash for the ninth ticket, relieves them of the burden. A quick phonecall also reveals that someone has yet not left the house and might doubtfully be able to make it in time. We reach the golden mean of eight.

Fifteen minutes before lockdown. Six people decide to move into the cinema looking for seats. All six of them are relieved that their tickets hence by default will be safe. Two stay behind in case someone who was declared the unlucky ninth or tenth still decides to show up the last minute. The other six decides to declare two seats safe for the two brave souls in the rearguard.

Tweelve minutes before lockdown. A lady walks onto the stage. She declares in German and English; the show is sold out and reserved seats are not allowed. We brush off the first three people asking with they are on the toilet. Eight minutes before lockdown. They lady once more makes the declaration and urges the people at the back (our location) to hold up our hands for empty seats. We stay firm and brush off another four or five people with the they will be here soon excuse. We text them. Still no sight of them or message. Three minutes before lockdown. The guy holding the seats starts to feel the panic spread. Where are they and has anyone heard from them? How long can we hold these seats?

Last guy enters the cinemas. His face lights up as he recognises the two empty seats at the prime location in the back. He heads straight at them, smiling. He is Japanesse and somehow they always smile. He kindly asks if one of the seats is free and gets brushed off with “No! They will return.”. Though the doors are closed, he hides his discomfort and nervousness behind some laughter. We just smacked him in the face, but he does not have the guts to whip the creamy white face off ours. He takes a place on the stairs and our consciousness torments us. We let down the two brave souls and kept the prime spots from plenty of people. Nonetheless, we brush it a side when the movie flicks on. No trailers, just straight into it. Now that is cinema as it should be.

FACT: In the 1960’s every television hour on American stations had an average of nine minutes commercials. Today it is doubled to 18 minutes. The current European standard is about tweelve minutes every hour or 20%.

We later learned that the two brave souls did indeed manage to get into the screening. However, due to missing cellphonereception and no time for search in the last crowd of fortunate and still agitated people in line, they settled for the closets two seats available.

New Features on the site!

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People who have meet me, may have realized I am a little entrepreneur and from time to time come up with these crazy ideas. That is why I thought about collecting some of the ones I think are if not good at least decent! You can find them here.

Most of the ideas have been derived from discussions or from people I have meet. They may exist in some countries and not in others, but to my knowledge I have not stumbled upon them yet. Therefore, I may have risked inventing the spoon twice, as you say. For that, I can only apologise with my limited knowledge.

If you have ideas of your own, that you do not dare to publish, feel free to pitch it below, anonymously. You can also suggest improvement or tell why the idea will never work. If you are going to test the idea for yourself, please let me know. I would love to hear, watch or experience it taking shape.

Last but not least a friend was asking for a subscription button on this site. You should be able to find this to your right? Just type in your e-mail and you will get posts like these delivered instantly to your inbox.

One last thing. As I will be during travel Marathon from Berlin to Istanbul in December, you will be able to receive postcards from me during this. If you want a postcard and still have not shared you address with me, then better hurry up unless you want a postcard from Istanbul! Take care and enjoy the last of your Monday.


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