CouchSurfing (CS) in Venice

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I wanted to say thanks for a fantastic 2013! To celebrate the start of 2014, I got to spend some time with some amazing people from the CS community in Venice. A strong and so friendly bunch!

Highlights of the night for me: 

– Random dancing in the group
– Everyone sharing champagne, when I was in need of a corkscrew.  
– Help with the corkscrew problem. Result = open bottle 🙂 
– More random smiles and general joy! 

Keep in mind that until meeting these people, they where complete strangers to me and I to them. CS attracts some pretty amazing people and I got to see several of these! 

Below a picture of high CS spirit! 

Best wishes for 2014, 
Christian  CS White Venice


Hostage or captor?


How are you separating yourself from your peers? Someone already said you are a team of very different individuals, but are you adjusting to your team or being resilient in standing out? So here is my challenge for you – look inward and analyze yourself. What skills are you happy with, where will they most likely take you? Do you want to go there? What is your dream, what skills do you have that fits this and what skills do you need? Do the right people know and how are they currently helping you in this direction? How are you making it easy for them to push you into the direction you want to go into?
Something think about and attempt doing everyday.

World record ticked of the list.

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World record

Leo & Tim on goals.

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I just finished up watching this video and can highly recommend watching L&T discussing goals. Both guys are on my list of weekly reads and seeing them grind heads are quite interesting. Somethings that boggled in my mind was

– Achieving 60% of goals

– closing your eyes and reviewing your last 48 hours before your imaginary demise

– Being contend with the status quo

– Not all who wander are lost

– focus vs. presence

– success vs fulfilment

– appreciation vs achievement

For a cause…

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Hi Guys,

If you have not yet gotten the news – here it is Movember is here. So by the end of this month too many creepy moustaches will be seen around lunchtime.

Now here is the Step-by-Step guide to join the cause:

Step 1. Become a Mo-Bro and grow your own Mo! OR Become a Mo-Sister and support prostate cancer research! Join here.

Step 2. Spread the word and let other people know.

Step 3. Donate (if this is not possible return to step 2) for the cause here.

Iron Sky Digest – Expanding territory


A while back I went to the release of the movie Iron Sky at Berlinale, the international film festival in Berlin. You can check out the stress prior to the moviereview of the movie itself or the concept of the movie. This post will be a comment on the expansion of the Iron Sky universe as stated by Timo himself.

So far the movie has brought in five million € in box office, which is about two-thirds of their original budget. Cinema visitors in UK, US, Japan, Poland and Australia are still waiting for the first screenings of Iron Sky. So even a cynic might say the movie is a success and going to be a profitable business. What is going to be interesting is the development on the movie merchandise, such as the Laibach soundtrack, Comics or Iphone game.

I would say the movement of merchandise would indicate the faith of the Iron Sky fans. Iron Sky has been well received by the audience so far, but it remains to be seen if the fans will buy into the absurd universe. I certainly have to get my ears on the Laibach album, so I would say the is an equal success story waiting around the corner on the formation of the Iron Sky fan base. When the fog of war has settled down, who will then take the place of the Space Nazis. Will we encounter remnants of Imperial Japan or maybe Soviet cosmonauts from Mars?

The best piece of advice someone has given me.


This is a though one to answer. I carry around so much advice that not one can be justified. Though one came quite close as the best quote. It might sound egocentric when I say it came from me, but perhaps it helps to add I was ten. I said Don’t worry. It will be alright.

The words were said to my grandmother standing to my right.

Just before saying so I gently took her hand.

In front of us lay my grandfather in his casket.

Her hand was cold and yet damp.

Her hand was trembling, and she was crying.

Around us where the rest of my family.

I shifted her hand to my left and reached around her waist.

She fell at ease and seemed to become peaceful.

When we left the room, my father put his hand on my right shoulder:

“Well done. That was very kind of you.”

Many years later, I often recall that memory and the little ten-year old boy. I had very little, if any, idea of what I did back then. Now, I see how kind it was. Even though I can never know all the memories my grandmother shared with my grandfather. Nevertheless, that little kid gave me some of the best advice! Share your best advice and always remember; Don’t worry. It will be alright!

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