A while back I went to the release of the movie Iron Sky at Berlinale, the international film festival in Berlin. You can check out the stress prior to the moviereview of the movie itself or the concept of the movie. This post will be a comment on the expansion of the Iron Sky universe as stated by Timo himself.

So far the movie has brought in five million € in box office, which is about two-thirds of their original budget. Cinema visitors in UK, US, Japan, Poland and Australia are still waiting for the first screenings of Iron Sky. So even a cynic might say the movie is a success and going to be a profitable business. What is going to be interesting is the development on the movie merchandise, such as the Laibach soundtrack, Comics or Iphone game.

I would say the movement of merchandise would indicate the faith of the Iron Sky fans. Iron Sky has been well received by the audience so far, but it remains to be seen if the fans will buy into the absurd universe. I certainly have to get my ears on the Laibach album, so I would say the is an equal success story waiting around the corner on the formation of the Iron Sky fan base. When the fog of war has settled down, who will then take the place of the Space Nazis. Will we encounter remnants of Imperial Japan or maybe Soviet cosmonauts from Mars?