This is a though one to answer. I carry around so much advice that not one can be justified. Though one came quite close as the best quote. It might sound egocentric when I say it came from me, but perhaps it helps to add I was ten. I said Don’t worry. It will be alright.

The words were said to my grandmother standing to my right.

Just before saying so I gently took her hand.

In front of us lay my grandfather in his casket.

Her hand was cold and yet damp.

Her hand was trembling, and she was crying.

Around us where the rest of my family.

I shifted her hand to my left and reached around her waist.

She fell at ease and seemed to become peaceful.

When we left the room, my father put his hand on my right shoulder:

“Well done. That was very kind of you.”

Many years later, I often recall that memory and the little ten-year old boy. I had very little, if any, idea of what I did back then. Now, I see how kind it was. Even though I can never know all the memories my grandmother shared with my grandfather. Nevertheless, that little kid gave me some of the best advice! Share your best advice and always remember; Don’t worry. It will be alright!