When I first entered High school, the business kind, I was dreaming of being an important future money man. My goal was quite simple – A) to obtain a wad of cash and B) be an entrepreneurial business man. Since then we have received all kinds of new and challenging problems “Peak oil”, “Sustainbility” and “Money crisis” you name it! Many people have blamed either capitalism or businesses. Though only few addressed the foundation for all entrepreneurship and whether we have been thinking in the wrong direction? What if all entrepreneurs have failed, missed or been prohibited from thinking in other ways than linear progression? Somehow, we seem to have been thinking linear or perhaps not thinking at all – Cradle to grave, start to end, first and last, or spend and consume. What if we need to think in circular progression? What if we need to think more like cradle to cradle, start to start, first and modified, or spend and upgradable?

Circular Economic System

One model of how the circular economy could work, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report.