Today is Water day, though every day is actually water day. Here, are some things to consider:

– Did you know, the beer you gulp every day contains water as its prime ingredient?
– Did you know, that lovely girl you love (be it wife, girlfriend or daughter) is 2/3 water?
– Did you know, without water you would have a constant foul smell from you toilet?
– Did you know, that water was the foundation for the Celcius degree scale of measuring temperature?
– Did you know, that the recommended consumption of 2-3 liters of water has no scientific evidence?
– Did you know, that water is an unique substance since it can exist in three different forms (Gas-like, solid and fluid)?
– Did you know, water (The Nile) was the foundation of the Egyptian empire?

If you have not yet completed you purpose in life today, why not make it the discovery of a new feature of water?