The producer walks on to the stage at a third applause following the one at the movie ending and the one at the credits ending. He is introduced and asked to explaining the initial idea and process for the movie. As all good Finnish ideas, it seemed that this emerged six years ago in a sauna. I imagine like this:

After completion of Starwreck. The scene is a whole film crew sweating.]
Dude, what is next?
I do not know?
How about nazis? From the moon?
Ehm… hmm… Ahh… Not bad!

We where introduced to the thought process of the producers and their fears. What was the most interesting was the part about the fans. They knew they needed a lot of money, but where not sure how to get their hands on to this. So they ingeniously devised a system where fans could take ownership in the movie by investing in it. Profits from the movie will then be shared back to the fans. Nevertheless, the fans were not in any position to fund all the millions required. So the producers also had to go out and ask for further funding from different funds. It turned out that the fans where an asset in this process, as the major interest from fans to invest in the movie where received positive by the funds. Furthermore, these fans also spread the word online and the producers were able to map out the fans interested in the movie, which also was a convincing fact. The mapping of the fans also played a role in the distribution stage. Distributers where not completely convinced by the script and would like to see the movie before buying in. In particular the German distributors, where Nazi themes remain controversial. The fan mappings and interest where a convincing fact for these companies.

It is a known fact by entrepreneurs that banks will indulge with your requirements of funds if you can present a batch of committed buyers or orders. This is actually what I expect happened here. The fans have contributed so much into this project, that it materialised and this convinced people who need to sell tickets that someone would buy these. The concept is interesting and is supported practical examples of online case from, or My curiosity is considering whether we could be moving towards an economy we demand fuels innovation and creation. We could see huge blockbusters produced on the basis of national or worldwide demand, not because a Hollywood firm decided for the production. It may endanger some of the more artistic and low-budget movies, but perhaps these will be able to serve a more localised demand and revel amongst local support and funding. The failure rates and movie flop list may also decrease. Decisions will no longer be made by a handful of “supposed” experts, but directly by the end consumer. Success will benefit the investors. Since they partly are the fans, these will get new funds for further investments. We would see the funds move towards the movies you and me would actually like to go and see. It may even go as fare that a ban of online file sharing services and increased copyright protection might not be necessary anymore. Afterall you need to be a sensible fan/investor and protect your interests, right?