Ten am. Half the group of eight has already shown up. We still have 30 minutes before the movie commences and the doors are shut. Tickets was purchased two days in advance and subject to the kind thoughts of a friend. Without her, it would not have been possible to get tickets and all credit for this and following blogposts should go to her.

We are standing next to the crowd of antagonized people still trying get their hands on the few remaining tickets. Someone skips the crew and a guy with his head buried in a book instantly shouts out: “Hey Du! Du bist Scheisse! Drängel dich doch nicht vor! wie Kindisch! Scheissverhalten!”. There is no mercy when stuck in a que. The only thing preventing the fist-fury from taking place is the gnawing backthought of defaulting on once current space in the que.

A woman walks up asking for spare tickets. We kindly tell her that we still have two tickets but are missing Laura, Anne, Ben and Charles. Suddenly the group is enlightened with the fact that we got two tickets to few or two people surplus. Dread and gloom starts to descend. The crowd does not know each other well enough to decide who is not part of the crowd. Everyone, whom already got their ticket, grab on to it with both hands.

Everyone looks scared and frightened; that their ticket might be redistributed to someone else. The two people who volunteered for the queuing looks at each other. Who is at fault? Nobody is. The fact that; they convinced two other people in the que to buy a ticket on their behalf, surcumpass the two tickets per person limit, and being short on cash for the ninth ticket, relieves them of the burden. A quick phonecall also reveals that someone has yet not left the house and might doubtfully be able to make it in time. We reach the golden mean of eight.

Fifteen minutes before lockdown. Six people decide to move into the cinema looking for seats. All six of them are relieved that their tickets hence by default will be safe. Two stay behind in case someone who was declared the unlucky ninth or tenth still decides to show up the last minute. The other six decides to declare two seats safe for the two brave souls in the rearguard.

Tweelve minutes before lockdown. A lady walks onto the stage. She declares in German and English; the show is sold out and reserved seats are not allowed. We brush off the first three people asking with they are on the toilet. Eight minutes before lockdown. They lady once more makes the declaration and urges the people at the back (our location) to hold up our hands for empty seats. We stay firm and brush off another four or five people with the they will be here soon excuse. We text them. Still no sight of them or message. Three minutes before lockdown. The guy holding the seats starts to feel the panic spread. Where are they and has anyone heard from them? How long can we hold these seats?

Last guy enters the cinemas. His face lights up as he recognises the two empty seats at the prime location in the back. He heads straight at them, smiling. He is Japanesse and somehow they always smile. He kindly asks if one of the seats is free and gets brushed off with “No! They will return.”. Though the doors are closed, he hides his discomfort and nervousness behind some laughter. We just smacked him in the face, but he does not have the guts to whip the creamy white face off ours. He takes a place on the stairs and our consciousness torments us. We let down the two brave souls and kept the prime spots from plenty of people. Nonetheless, we brush it a side when the movie flicks on. No trailers, just straight into it. Now that is cinema as it should be.

FACT: In the 1960’s every television hour on American stations had an average of nine minutes commercials. Today it is doubled to 18 minutes. The current European standard is about tweelve minutes every hour or 20%.

We later learned that the two brave souls did indeed manage to get into the screening. However, due to missing cellphonereception and no time for search in the last crowd of fortunate and still agitated people in line, they settled for the closets two seats available.