Postmasters I find my self caught spinning in circles and not entirely satisfied with my situation. Preparing for a world trip is a tedious task and takes up a lot of time. Not the task themselves, but the waiting time in between is long. For instance, vaccinations are done in less than 15 minutes at the doctors, but besides being expensive they also need incubation time, which is months! Dentist appointments, cancelling phones, RTW tickets, etc, etc, etc.

So to sum up I am left with plenty of idle time. Time which I have spent partly on travelling, as procrastinating. Travelling is always rewarding, and I got around quite a lot. All the way to Istanbul. I was preparing for a visit in Iran, but a few events made this visit a slightly more risky than I would like. So I have felt the need to postpone Iran until Denmark is back on the neutral list. Another country that seems to be off limits for Danish people these days is India, which also is an immense regret. In the end, I thought it better just fly over those two countries and straight to east Asia.

This presented me with another problem. Buy tickets on the way or get a RTW ticket. RTW deals are available at some discount, but requires you to stick to a certain schedule. If you just want 4 flights connecting 4 continents and make the continental crossing by bus or train you better bring the bulky wallet. I might have picked some unconventional destinations, but found that I could get the trip cheaper checking on my own. So quick decision fell on mobility instead of knowing. The things you know becomes rather trivial quite fast. Not knowing might be fearsome and scary, but also rewarding and exciting.

With plenty of time to spend and not wanting to plan the fun out of the trip, I am stuck with procrastinating. Procrastinating meaning a lot of entertainment from online gaming with brothers to movies and browsing the web. I have even made it so far as typing “I am bored” into a google search more than once. On the plus side, I have had time to talk to friends and family. Creativity have also flourished, and a few projects were joined. Postcrossing and ItStartsWithUs are two of the fascinating projects I joined. The first is exchange of postcards with people from all over the world, where you create a profile and start exchanging postcards with people. ItStartsWithUs is a slightly different project, where a crowd of people volunteers for small missions of joy. In particular I like the mission called Love Bomb. If you have a friend, whom life has dealt shitty cards. You can propose your friend for a Love Bomb. You friend will then receive a massive wave of encouragement to keep the spirit up and see it through. I sincerely advice that you will check out these projects, because they both can drop you magic on an average day.

For this weekend, I am set on hitching for Berlin to spend some time with friends and catch one particular movie at the Berlinale. It is called Iron Sky and is a spoof production from Finland. I have followed it for a little while now and what fascinates me is that it is a crowdsourced production. This meaning a certain part of the funds have come from committed fans who wanted to see this movie made. The trailer is yet not online, but you can find the presentation for the Berlinale here.

For those whom are still reading I would like to ask whether you have projects you are committed too? What are these projects and why did you join or become part of it?

Oh and last note. A friend of mine send me this photo he edited. The little self loating person inside of me says: “well done!”.
me in Amsterdam.