People who have meet me, may have realized I am a little entrepreneur and from time to time come up with these crazy ideas. That is why I thought about collecting some of the ones I think are if not good at least decent! You can find them here.

Most of the ideas have been derived from discussions or from people I have meet. They may exist in some countries and not in others, but to my knowledge I have not stumbled upon them yet. Therefore, I may have risked inventing the spoon twice, as you say. For that, I can only apologise with my limited knowledge.

If you have ideas of your own, that you do not dare to publish, feel free to pitch it below, anonymously. You can also suggest improvement or tell why the idea will never work. If you are going to test the idea for yourself, please let me know. I would love to hear, watch or experience it taking shape.

Last but not least a friend was asking for a subscription button on this site. You should be able to find this to your right? Just type in your e-mail and you will get posts like these delivered instantly to your inbox.

One last thing. As I will be during travel Marathon from Berlin to Istanbul in December, you will be able to receive postcards from me during this. If you want a postcard and still have not shared you address with me, then better hurry up unless you want a postcard from Istanbul! Take care and enjoy the last of your Monday.