Browsing the web as allways, I tuned into TED and came across this interesting talk from Mr. Wilkinson and associates. The data he presented was interesting in itself, but in particular two points caught my attention.

>25% in the USA are clinically diagnosed with a mental illness

My first thought was, no wonder I have a small dislike about visiting the USA. If every fourth person I meet from the US is mentally unstable, I can understand my hesitation. Never the less, I became slightly disturbed when I realized I actually plan to go there -Yikes!

American dream in Denmark

The data also indicated that Denmark was one of the most suitable countries to make the American dream true. From 2001-2009 our prime-minister, whom is now NATO secretary, was Anders. Anders has mentioned and wrote in his memoir, that he is a great fan of the American democracy. So it looks like he had a significant influence on the Danish state and society, but I only hope he was selective in his ideas.