We think we change, but do we really change at all or just get old?

A true paradigm shift takes at least 20 years

a true paradigm shift tends to take at least twenty years to become the new normal, even after the evidence has become overwhelming.  Why twenty years?  That’s the amount of time, Kuhn concluded, for the existing generation of practicing scientists to retire or die off.
This gives a whole new point of euthanasia. civil disobediance, revolution and social unrest needs to be instigated in order to change our understandins of things. How long can we walk around and keep thinking what is wrong is the truth? It should by now be mandatory for all scholars that nothing is certain and everything is assumed through our own limited capabilities of perception. Reason is often hidden in madness and madness often hidden in reason. But, how do we unify these two contradictions and enable paradigm shifts to happen within a year?