So finally the master thesis was given in, but the question whether it is “Good enough” remains. The answer will be at the defence of it on the 13th of October. This leaves me in Limbo for a few days, though I must say I prefer this than the stress before the deadline.

The unknown…
Unknown what is ahead of me, other than travelling, I am  to conclude that out over the following days. It is both exciting and scary. How advantageous am I and what are you acquired skills worth? What salary can I expect and what salary can you expect if you go travelling for a year… Planning, planning, planning… What happens if you do not plan, but just go. Did anyone ever do this, other than in the movie “Into the Wild”.

Another learning chapter is internships, where I finished two at almost the same time. I received positive feedback from both and I can honestly say I learned something in both of them. One of the companies even invited me for a fancy retreat in Croatia. I have never done something similar before. In short, it was incredible. There was even a whole day-trip involving cruising around on a PIRAT-SHIP!



Next chapter
…will be the defence of the thesis, also called: “viva”. The viva is to be done online which is quite intriguing by itself. Finally, we are moving into mobile education and not a moment to soon. I cannot wait to see my kids grow up with education from 5-10 different countries, depending on their interests and field of study. Imaging one could study finance, engineering or mathematics online and engage with like-minded people. Perhaps even move somewhere and organize their own math-cluster.