Yesterday I was going to Düsseldorf and my train was leaving at 11.27 am.

I pre-ordered a ticket via phone and only had to pick it up from the ticket-counter before I left. The nice lady on the phone told me to switch in the normal places and how much time I had, etc, etc. Of I went without my looking at my ticket and got off 3 stations later on the border station (Padborg), which is literally a dead-end, but also my normal switch. I walk across the platform and see no train waiting – thinking the train is delayed I look at the announcement screen seeing no train is scheduled. At this moment I turn and see the train I got off continue south to Germany!

At this moment I feel like banging my head against something, but no time I got a train to catch right? So I run across the platform and across the traintrack-crossing (that is how remote it is!) to the front of train station. I see a taxi and run over, waving at him. I get nothing and am left in front of the car looking stupid through the windows. Then I realize he is a sleep! “Wake up” I mumble while knocking on the window. He looks like a drowsy koala and opens the back of his trunk – “I need to catch a train in Flensburg” I tell him “just missed it here, because I am stupid!”. He nods and agrees, off we go. After a ride with interesting stories about taxi-economies, retirement and how saving sucks; I get off in Flensburg only to realize I missed with 5 mins and am 25€ lighter in my pocket…

So I have to get a train 30 mins later, which leaves me time for coffee and finding a spot for banging my head. On the train I get to Neumünster and switch to a new train. Just before Writs we are told someone attempted to off their life in front of the train I missed in Flensburg. They already have buses waiting, but with +300 people and only one bus everyone is pissed. The suits gets into the few taxies available and the rest starts complaining. I notice that a lot of cars is passing by in front of the station, so I sit down and make a sign for the next station (Elmshorn). After noticing the direction of the taxies I pull out a smile and thumb. In less than 5 minutes and some odd looks from the people in front of the train station waiting for the bus, I catch a ride for a DB-worker and he goes all the way to Hamburg. Yeah!

After a nice ride talking about travelling, people, train-suicides and wind-catamaraning, I am dropped of at an S-bahn station. I get a ride with S-3 and arrive to Hamburg Hbf 30 mins before my train to Düsseldorf leaves. I arrive in Düsseldorf just 3 hours delayed and many experiences richer 🙂