Thoughts about what the future will bring has started to cloud my mind, which is rather counter-productive when you are in the middle of you master. So I decided to create an idea page, which will be a page where I will compile ideas. These ideas will be ideas for start-ups or new businesses. Until I have time to engage with these ideas and take in comments from friends and readers I will keep it “password protected”. But rest assured, once my masters is done the page will be released and you can join in on the discussion.

Until today I have received both mixed feedback on ideas, but one thing I have noticed is how a half-baked idea from my head turns into something that just might work when it is shared. It is just amazing how an idea is transformed when it is shared and suddenly you end up with a new solution for a problem, a new product, a new service or maybe even a total game changer. With would be of special interest to me is to base the organisation of these ideas on open-source framework, cooperative design or organisational democracy.