What should I do when this internship finishes? What should I do when my masters are done? Should I look into a Phd? Should I accept the current job offer? Should I travel and see the world? Should I start my own business?

Those are some of the questions taking up space in my mind at the moment. Though I am still 1+ month away from the masters. I have just finished my internship at trivago (www.trivago.dk) and was fortunate enough to be offered 1 year contract for an internship. Though the position was interesting to pursue I declined. This bring me back to Denmark where rest of September will be spend on finishing my master dissertation.

I have been looking into further studying (IT or language) and will probably continue to look into it while I finish my masters. In the end I am pretty sure that I will travel for some time and maybe even shift continents. Oddly enough I seem to be having a fear about shifting the continents, but not the country. So my plan will be to head for Istanbul and see if I dear to step over the Bosporus, but first the master.

Writing you final master project is not easy – you need to decide on a qualitative or quantitative study, where upon you need to justify whether this model will provide valid data and 100 other limitations. The most difficult part is to be above the Bachelors level and restrain yourself from going all the way to Phd. The first because it will not fulfil the requirements and the later because you just do not have the time nor resources.

As I battle on with my thesis and dream about which road I will walk down – I wanted to enquire what you would do when you finish? Will you find a nice little cottage, with your dream girl and start your career? Will you throw all this over your back, strap on a backpack, and walk off into the wild?

Source: http://www.milesjcarter.co.uk/photos/