Today I stumbled over to articles in the Danish newspaper. The first one was this morning and announced that every 7th Dane is hiding some sort of weapon in close proximity to where they sleep. Mainly to fend of burglars and intruders. This may seem like normal to many of you, but to me this is quite extraordinary. We used to be such a happy place, where most people did not care to much about being attacked (mainly because it was uncommon).

Later on the day I stumbled into an article describing a new turn in the nuclear-disaster in Japan. 400 volunteers signed up for an Skilled Veteran Corps. This corps is made up by elderly people who all have skills or are skilled enough to attempt to salvage what can be salvaged. They have committed their last time on this earth to sort out the eminent-disaster from happening. 400 kamikaze engineers volunteering to save their country and prevent the nuclear disaster from progressing any further.

This made me thought, because one of the reasons for young people not to commit was the fear of radiation and getting cancer. True, it may not be in anybodies interest to get cancer or worse. However what is the life worth if we cling to it to much? Yes, risking cancer might be going to far. But what are you going to leave behind you if you keep running away? In nature it is common for older generation to throwing themselves into certain death in order to protect their cups or offspring.

You see it often in movies – the heroic act of a person throwing themselves into situations with no return. What is the value of giving up you life for one or more people to live? What are the people thinking just before they make this decision? What are the people arming themselves to defend their property think? How can it possibly be justified that their accumulated material is worth striking down a fearless burglar? What do they think?