Time management is becoming more and more crucial in a world filled with information and systems that wants your attention! How often do you not get caught up in checking up on your friends on facebook, tweeting stuff, writing blogs (guilty of sin) or just browsing YouTube for a good laugh?

So annoyed with the time I spend on these trivial things (though friends are hardly trivial!). I sat down and started to look at where I could optimize and become more time efficient. Here are my results. The first graph shows the daily distribution and the last the weekly distribution.

You can clearly see I spend a lot of time sleeping (what a waste), though the gain in healthy and productive is only decreased if you cut in this part. So find the time you need (some need more and others less) and then enjoy the time off-line. The rest you can play with and rearrange for better usage and increased productivity or best utilization of yourself.

Remember (though it may look like it) this is not rocket science. It is easy to do such a diagram in less than an hour on a train from Germany to Denmark, while writing this. So sacrifice an hour make this colourful visualisation and learn where you need to be careful about your time to succeed in your goals.

The weekly distribution helps you further, as you see my biggest chunk in time consumption is “work”. There is one problem, which is legal commitment. Now I am committed to doing 40 hours a week and was a bit concerned about asking for rearranging the time. Nevertheless the time came (please, do not let it get that fare) where I thought: “If you don’t do anything you can scrap that MSc of yours!”. So I had a quick talk with my boss, that I need to write 200 pages (slightly overestimated) and so on. So I suggested her if I could work 1 more hour everyday and take Friday after-noon off.

She agreed and this was the best solution ever. I am know back on track, more productive for my thesis and I even got the time to write you now. This has been great and if you feel stressed too – I highly suggest that you do this exercise and look at where you can improve!

Happy productivity and, as always, be welcome to ship me your thoughts!