ouais, paranoide!

Please press play before you read 🙂

So this song kind of fitted my thoughts and how I find myself at the moment. Being with people that always sees limitations to your world view forces you to seek consensus. If you world view is caught in the middle, like mine it is getting rather difficult.

An example would be appropriate here – I am currently working for a company communicating hotel prices and at the same time hosting CS’ers. This way I am completely useless as I see no justification for a product that comes both enriched with people and at more favourable cost. Never the less colleagues keep emphasising the danger in hosting CS’ers and this makes me weary! Also annoyed, as I do not want the sporadic thoughts of where is my wallet, passport or mobile phone on my mind! Not to speak about should I do a back-up of my thesis work because my computer might disappear or because this is normal in order to save you from crashes!

Conquer one fear in order to acquire a new one, is what seems to be part of my life. I finally started to do head-stands, without to much fear of gravity slamming the floor against my face – only to gain the fear of my material harvest.

Life seems unfair in the sense that it gives you something cool and awesome only yo pull the carpet on something that was, previously, of no concern to you…