Here is some thoughts from my bathroom, as I just dropped out of the shower. I can only explain this by saying that where some people singing under the shower I think and reflect. This way it only happens sproradic and for a very short period,  I am not a good reflector per-see. Mainly because I love “ahh-haa” moments (Yes, I am a fast-food reflector junky).

So I have been wanting to make changes for quite some time (see previous posts) and finally this comes around! Swag up and shoulders puffed (literally, since I started doing headstands everywhere with space for it).

For a Nordic Graduate like me or soon too be, almost failed yesterday! Someone in Paris thought it was funny to send me a deadline that said in 2 weeks buddy and no extensions! I still have to apologise to my French room-mate for denouncing her and Frances sovereignty into empty space that needs occupation and genocidal camps! But I will have to eat my words on that one again, mostly for being disorganised and not able to cope with a “unintentional” joke. What a poor countryman I make myself…

Anyway here is the update of the VikingR ->

Individual approach:

Rebuild, Remuscle, Redo


United approach:

We-Build, We-Muscle, We-Do


  • Biking to work everyday for +1 month
  • Headstands
  • Thesis work
  • Random dancing in my room and kitchen
  • Kitchen Tyranny, with Manifesto :p
  • CS!
  • Tea and Coffee time
  • more honesty

That is my rambling for now 🙂 Ohh also check out twitter and search for “#DussWG” and you can stalk the place I live.