Those of you whom read my previous post will know I was battling hard with some of the other opportunities I got in from the internship-seeds I planted. You will also know that I was pondering about bolting what I had already chosen for something better. And – I did it.

I jumped on the train and went to this interview in Düsseldorf. You know just to look, but not touch? Now I ended up having my hands all over this place. I am also still in touch with my previous internship and working on remote from Düsseldorf.

Besides that I started my thesis and must say that the science of academia is a peculiar one. Not much what is written and researched is reviewed, read or commented on by peers. From time to time you come across academic “trolls” or “flamers”. These creatures are not like the average guy you meet on the online forums and discussions. These have put serious thought into it. They have thought so long and consistently, that it almost sounds plausible what they are arguing.

Another interesting field I have been going into in connection with my studies is that of semantics and the meaning we put into different things. Think about Nuclear power. What are you thoughts? Pretty much a no go, right? Then take this into consideration: for every 1 human life ended by nuclear power, the same amount of power in coal costs 4.000 human lifes. How did that resonate and change you semantics of nuclear power?

Also I was reading the post of Anabella about “What college is really about”. How I would have loved to sit in on that debate she had. I find it awesome that she can agree on disagreeing, that is some strength for the future. That is probably a much better skill then anything she learned about marketing or what would you say?