I have always been fond of trains as they take you in a relative straight and speedy line to somewhere far away. There is also this coach/bus feeling on board, so everyone is chatty or everyone is just minding their own business. Right now I arrived in the hazy sleepy town of Düsseldorf and I want to share some stories from my trip:
Just before the Danish border upon a Danish train I overheard 3 German women speaking about the trains comfort.
Woman 1: This train is nice!
Woman 2: Jah, very nice.
Woman 3: It is just like first class
Woman 2: Jah, an we are only in the second class, no?
Woman 3: Indeed!
Woman 1: And those Verdamten Dänen are still upset over the comfort and delays! If they only knew of Die Bahn!
Woman 2+3 (in Chore): Hear, Hear!
Just before Düsseldorf I was reading a E-book, when a German newspaper read asked me: ”Do you think they filter the news online as they do in Egypt and Iran?” My response was whether he thought the paper in his hands was filtered. He hinted a slight note of chock and went back to the front-page screening it closely!
Third epic moment of the trip was when I woke up from my 3 am ”Morfar”. I had managed to cut of my blood-flow to my lower right-arm and hand. So with my right arm limp I went on to shaking it violently with my left. In the process woke up the couple in front of me and they turned to watch me fighting with the alienated arm. This can only be funny on a night-train to Düsseldorf…
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