The other night I was watching Social Network. You know the movie about Mr. Zuckerburg?

Today I stumbled across this question: “If a student can Facebook through your whole class and still make an A, whose problem is that?”

I have not yet seen any A’s on this mark… Though I have seen some B’s and B+’s. So no I am left with feeling even less worth for the 16+ kilo I invested in two years of study. The only thing I can say that I truly received in return was some good friends and some interesting teachers. Not to say the paper diploma – official stamp. But could I not have meet these by spending all those thousands of Euro’s in a different way?

Did anyone ever attempt an unorthodox MA or MSc? Did anyone ever sign up just for the exams and stimulate the response of the right teachers by writing interesting papers and asking questions they not even know the answers too? How did the official Stamp end up looking like?

I once lived one year in Berlin in a little community project with many interesting people coming and going… Teaching me different subjects and motivating me to learn additional theories. All I paid was rent and living costs.