As mentioned last I was aiming at getting an internship and following some of the principles from Charlie Hoehn. I can successfully say it paid of quite well, but I must admit that I also followed the traditional path. In the end I ended up with 4 possible options, which is 3 more then I can pursue. 2 of them was through the traditional path and the other two was through the spirit of the Hoehn’s principle. All the offerings where legitimate and interesting to consider. Never the less I ended up picking and unpaid internship at a small company, also found through the Hoehn principle.
I picked this because the company was honest enough to tell me that they where in a terrible state and struggling. So the task at hand was no less than saving the company and help out the owner who has been struggling with the administration and future of the company. This means that I will be in charge of pursuing the wacky and half-witted ideas or shall we call them opportunities.
It was a pick decision and I though long about the offer. I was very unsure whether I should pick such unsure option. What if it failed? That was my number one fear and still is. I get these small panic attacks and doubts whether I am skilled or good enough for the job.
Then I remembered this picture and though it is perhaps a joke they are all valid options. A friend of mine even suggested adding “marry rich!” as an additional option. A further option is becoming an entrepreneur or even freelancer (the later which I already do). There are plenty of options to go by and so I ended up jumping in. The worst thing that can happen is me failing the company and then it becomes worst for the owner. Since he is a nice guy I do not want to do that, but I want to learn as much as possible.
Having worked 1+ week now in this company I am thrilled to see and mull on the ideas flying through my head. So far I have been touching on Sales, Marketing, Strategy, IT and Alliances. Already now I got possible venues to attend next weekend and end of month for the company. My budget, so far, is zero – so I have to be creative. However my boss has promised me funds for the tasks ahead.
I am so thrilled that I am required and expected to pull out all knowledge and skills I have learned so far and learn equally much. I hope you are experiencing good times and learning as much as you can? Tell me about it?