It is interesting times we live in with revolt in first Tunisia and now Egypt.

As a Danish citizen I am blessed with the Danish view on these revolts or as some refers to as revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. As many of you might not know Denmark, a few years back, obtained their second 24-hours news station. One of the stations even has a News-chopper, which seems ridiculous if you can drive from one end of the country to the other in less then 3 hours with car or train. So having two stations the gong for the fight about the most update news has been struck.

Interestingly most Danish people in Egypt and Tunisia seemed to be tourists. Either there for the Golfing or the Beach & Sun. So these news stations are focused on the pains and perils of these tourist. When you hear people complain about their vacation week being interrupted by the national citizens taking to the streets to fight for their freedom – I can only smile.

So scouring around the web I came across this game that shows a hardcore tourist enjoying his time in Paradiso and the opposite. Please, if you have 5 minutes, PLAY!