So this week the University of Aarhus seems to have found evidence that meditation is helpful against stress-induced sicknesses. One of the aspects mentioned is that people with stress-induced problems often have gotten out of touch with themselves and their body. Meditation is said to increase your awareness to your self and your body, so Voila stress-induced sickness cured.

On the other hand it has never been believed healthy not listening to your own or bodies needs, which brings us to the next subject. Back in 1997 a guy discovered the 4th eating disorder of our society. Now it is yet to be officially accepted and tested for evidence or validity, but the idea was peculiar enough to write about it.

Let us all say hello to Ortoreksi or in Latin orthorexia nervosa. Compared to other eating disorders it also contains an element of self-punishment, but to a lesser degree. The idea behind it is eating healthy and take it to a level of fanaticism. Now the reason why you probably not have heard of it is that the level of these Ortoreksi people in your country is so high that it is not considered a sickness or disorder at all. Vegetarians among others are believed to be Ortoreksi. If you look at countries like United Kingdom or Germany, we see that 9% English and 8% Germans are vegetarians. So as a new disease you might not want to create a pandemic on your first school day. If you look at Denmark it is merely 1-2% of the country that are vegetarian and in these a mixture of religious, principal and health choices. So in Denmark Ortoreksi has merrit as a sickness and we need to take action against it!

Other concepts such as Raw Food, No sugar, Low Carb, No Gluten, Low Sodium or Atkins are also believed to be an excuse for Ortoreksi. In the country of the Mighty Danes one of the buzz words are ‘welfare’ and this includes time spend together eating and merriness. Eating is very important and probably one of the most important social gatherings that can take place (much like in France I would say). Hence if you suddenly cannot take part in this social interaction, because you are a devout follower of one of the previous mentioned concepts, you are looked upon as a infidel. So if you are practising any of those forms of witchcraft you better stay away from Denmark, unless you want odd looks from around the table or might risk being locked up in one of our hospitals for free health care and treatment.