I have had some urge for a complete Wifi solution for some time now. Wifi on every street corner, just flip open you notebook, laptop, smartphone or tablet and connect. Yesterday I jumped for joy when I read the following words from a prime minister:

High-speed broadband is the essential infrastructure for increasing productivity. Right now, [our Nation] is reaping great benefits from the global resources boom. In 2011 our terms of trade will reach their highest level in history. But we know our mineral resources cannot secure enduring prosperity. We want to lock in our prosperity by investing the proceeds of the boom in our future competitive advantage—the skills of our people and advanced infrastructure.

The prime minister went even further and said:

By December 2011 every […] student in the middle and senior high-school years will have a computer, with fibre linking all our schools. What students learn at school will be reinforced at home, with an online databank of learning resources and diagnostic tools.

Imagine you being back in school. Suddenly you are not bound or hindered by the a mediocre teacher or peers that cannot keep up with your learning. You get students and tutors that have the possibilities of applying their skills best possible. In business that is called Effeciency and an effective use of your resources. It also shows a depth and understanding of the future from the prime minister, almost philosophical one could say. We are all created eqaul, with two hands, two legs and one head. So it does not become important if we have additional arms, but how we apply them.

What is bad in this connection is that I seem to be located on the wrong continent, as all this was said by Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia).