So I have been absent for a while now, which I had been regretting somewhat as I love to write. However I have experienced something that have given me much time for the future.

Now the reason why I was absent is that I have moved to another country (France, Paris) and as in every change of environments there is an incubation time where you adjust. In France this time proved rather extended, which caused me some trouble in adjustment. All cultures are unique and you see that in many ways, mostly because you always use a base of experiences to which you compare.
I have been to many countries, but never would I have imagined what I presumed to be a great country and heard much good about turn out to be a little bit disappointing. I often was told that things are different in France and I can now agree. However my perception of different is more in the direction of another method of doing things at least in connection to my image of France. This my also have been part of my slight disappointment when I got here. So my aim is to explain some of the odd scenarios I get/got to experienced over next few posts.
Cheating/Bribery or getting things done.
My original perception of this topic was that it was not practiced in any European country (perhaps with the exception of the eastern block, but my perception here is that they are trying to solve the issue). This perception came crumbling down as I got to hear about the major scandal which the current administration is emerged in. Now political scandals happens all the time, but the scope of this on is on quite a different scale then the normal I-forget-to-tell-about-that-lunch scandals in Denmark. Apparently (please correct me if I am wrong?) a lot of money was flushed to the current administration in exchange for some favors.
Another time my perception came down was on the matter of cheating or better known as being unfaithful. For some reason it is not remarked negatively when a man in Paris has a misstres or concubine besides his wife. I know Germany and many Scandinavian countries has a strong moral codex on this one, which also may have been one of the reasons for my perception to burst.
Another matter of which has most likely been the sever thing for me is the getting-things-done perception. Most countries has some form of tangible or intangible value which you can use to get things done faster or in the first place. Normal the tool of the trade is hard currency, knowing the right people or kindness. In France however nothing seems to work other then complaining and a lot of it, where after you still only will have half the answers or things you wanted done.
However on the later perception I am happy to have adopted the habit (from Germany due to all their bureaucracy) of bringing a good book with me where ever I go. So at least I have read a lot of good books, besides conversations with other troubled students in my situation.