Having arrived in Paris safe and sound I find time and space to redesign my life again. By space I mean the lack of it actually, as Paris is the city in Europe with highest population density (+25.000 per Sqm). Compare that to Berlin with it’s +3.800!

So living on 28 Squares is a challenge, but it will be interesting to see how this will work. Furthermore to say is that I am not living alone on the 28 Squares and will have to collaborate, but I have been there before. Only this time I will have to get along with all my roomates or there will be trouble…

Before my arrival a friend told me that I would have to watch out for the misrable and unhappy french people. These I am still missing, though hardly anyone speaks any language other then French here, they have all been friendly to me so far. However I still need to take into account that all the citizens of Paris are on vecation for another week! Hopefully I will sirvive until the beginning of the next month to see the return of the Le Miserablés.

 Bon soiré