My dear ones, I have been way to busy trying to achieve and I cannot promise you that I will repend from doing so on the last two weeks, which the mortals call exams!

However I have to confess following. Recently I have meet a friend that made me concerned for another friend, which I fear might be caught in serious flashbacks. I recognize that he might be getting to the point where he sees himself as a fool, but so have I. Still I wish him happy birthday this year and hope another decade will make him somewhat wiser; even though Stout is hard to thicken…

Additionally I had a dream the other night about someone I thought I had lost, but this person returned to me in my previous home to apologize for their behaviour. Soon after that I awoke and went to the bathroom and fell back into my slumbers where once again the person appeared. This time in the place I was breed, once again with attempts to reconcile misdeeds with origin in themselves. It may be coincident that these two dreams collide. However I have been giving thought to this person and my dreams makes me wonder if I am really indifferent on this subject or as it appear not? Is my subconsciousness playing mind games or is there a sad soul looking for redemption?

I do not know and the fact that I have gone so far as to write these words and perhaps even posting them as I am unsure of currently is worthwhile and speaks for themselves.

Loathsome as it may sound I wish you a happy decade and may you lady of fortune shin upon you and bring you happiness. Secondly I fear what I will do with, mostly because if right – then great wrong has be done!