The uprising of Vikingen created great disturbance and tainted the relationship between him and Lucian, Theresa, Vicky and Manuel to such an extend that it never really recovered (though Vikingen stayed or tried to be positive). The other inhabitants of PV were not ready/willing to support Vikingen’s revolt and he was left alone on the barricades with only his own honour as a defence. Vikingen felt neither good nor bad during what he did, he even humbly offered Lucian to use his powers (Admin) to re-animate the lost scripts of Vikingen. However Lucian was reluctant to do so and demanded the revolt to be declared a mistake by Vikingen. Politics are never easy and it is never easy when the fight is about principles of the commune. It was understood by Vikingen that the dream of Lucian had been (in his eyes) raped and distorted in such a severe way, that he had not other reaction as to abolish his creation. Vikingen was left in an interesting position where the people he tried to teach and share with where abolishing his attempts, while others where making fun of the people agonized by Vikingen. In order not to loss it as a Tau or become careless as the Daan he distanced himself.

After being left alone on his quest and having violated his oath, which is one of the worst felonies for a Viking, he decided to lay back and keep a low profile. He did this by reprioritizing his goals and focused more on the preparations of his studies and the people he still cared for (For the later please also see Then Vikingen invited people).