As Vikingen liberated himself after 5 months of misery from Infurnal (the pit of despair) he started to reengage in the life in and around the PV… He went in with all his muzzle and effort and you will see in the end of this chapter how miserably he failed!

However before that he was visited by the enchanting Emma, which was carrying the wish to stay. She was offered to stay and see how it would work out and if she could live in such a space and with such a bunch of people. Emma was not an indigenous being and also one of the first to take up residency, apart from the 6 chosen ones. Soon after her Jake (or Êl Capitán) fell (yes literally) in the door. He was moving from a big apple to Berlin, without accommodation pre-arranged. However as he spend time in the place and grew into it, he also fell comfortable and home in the PV-closure, so he decided to stay and enjoy the ride. Vikingen and Jake where to embark on many great ventures from here! Along the road, Ula stumbled into our lives through Emma and shortly fell in love with PV and later Jake and even later Emma (but those are stories best told by the persons themselves).

Along came the Swedish invasion and little Toto. The later was the sweets little thing that ever set foot in the PV and also came back a few times. Canadian in nature, with ancestors from the East, and brought some really good vibes into the scene. Following on top of that came Amanda, Emma, Simon, Ruben, Elinore and the The Queen of Sweden’s friends Hannah & Oscar. All of them were magnificent in their own way. Elinore just showed up on the doorstep and we kidnapped her from her accommodation! Amanda, Emma, Simon & Ruben came as a batch and Vikingen was fond of their quirkiness (he also later went to see them in Göteborg). Hannah and Oscar, being the most youngest and fairy-like couple ever to visit the PV (was only beaten very much at the end by some lovely and cute Aussies!).

Upon the Swedish invasion Norma returned and spend some quality time with the PV. She was very fond of the 8 Kiwi’s and their Parents +Grandfather, which was currently residing in the PV. Vikingen is still amazed of seeing such well-turned kids and can only hope his still-to-come-bastards will be half as disciplined. On top of that Vikingen would like to mention that he was left breathless by the Vigour of the Parents and especially the Grandfather.

At this moment Vikingen was almost in pieces, both emotionally, professionally and physically… He coined it with his 4 pm (on day 3 has to be said!) incident, which goes like this:

Vikingen enters and falls over on the madras. Pauls looks stunned, shrugs it of and returns painting, only to hear the kids…

Kids: ‘Bwadr…! Yirk…’

Vikingen: ‘Ulriiiik’

Paul: ‘Hey man, are you okay? Do you need Help?’ and he grasps Vikingen’s arm

Where upon Vikingen shakes him of and retorts ‘I am a Viking!’ and falls flat upon his face…

So internally he decides that by the end of the month he is gone, no matter what happens! It happened to be just before May and Beach Camp in Berlin. However before that Fabio came along and on top of that Jade returned and witnessed Vikingen almost loss it (it being the Passport, which he found once he moved away from the PV! FFS!!!) Along with Emma (while they where having and anal/booty touchy-feely-session in the kitchen).

Before leaving Vikingen also got to witness Daniel the soldier of General, make sleeping-noises (snoaaaaring) like never seen or heard before! Putting Paul in the permanent residents and seeing Theresa return, to be abducted by Lucian.

Vikingen left feeling something empty for leaving Jade (which he later had second thoughts upon and about) behind, as well as his friends (for some reason especially Clayton and Daan). He promised himself to stay away 2 whole months, but regretted it already 2 weeks later. Even though he pleaded Clayton and Daan for asking him to return, he never got that invite; which he to this date considers as puzzling (even after talking to Daan about it). Never the less two months went by and this is what happened –>