Hey Guys,

The Sun is shinning for days here in Dublin and it is almost getting a habit and expectation of no less.

I included some pictures from the last creations that happened in the kitchen I live above. Yummy yummy, it is so nice to have ‘Real’ bread, bread-cake and ‘Wursthoernchen’.

I am still labouring onwards as a good student and learning a lot every day.

Yesterday the idea of seeing someone whom needed it came up and we went their and made this person very happy and eased up some anxiousness and tensness that what really in need of ease.

Also I spend a lot of time thinking about a very short, but straight to the point message I got from a very good freind. It basically was: ‘..Are you happy??

It almost made me fall of my chair and the thought has been haunting me ever since and got real sticky. It brought in so many feelings and people from the past, that I sometimes lost the touch with my surroundings. Never the less a note of this friend came to my mind and after reading it this morning I felt at ease.

It is wonderful for me to know that something so far away, can have such an impact. That something very simple can release immense amounts of stress, discomfort and expectations build up.
With that little wisdom I will end it here and walk home, while enjoying the sun and everything around me being at ease.