The PV was created by the 6 ancient ones (Tau, Daan, Vicky, Lucian, Clayton and Vikingen), which hence also held a stake and power to rule (which in this case was manifested as 550 Euro deposit and 100 Euro in white goods). The power and stake in the PV was free for anyone to obtain (for the nice and convenient lump-sump of 650 Euro’s), though the costs/sacrifice for this might have been considered to high or was to vague an task to comprehend.
Vikingen entered the PV and was curious about what it was and what it was going to be/become. When ever he was asked he would either dodge the questions or answer in riddles, as his approach was pretty much let it form it visualize and change as with the people coming and going. The principles in PV was that sharing, learning and teaching was very much in focus. Sadly the scrolls of Vikingen was lost in the fire of the PV as he started a revolt against it’s inhabitants for being reluctant by the prospect of scarifying the sharing principle for the sake of comforting Lucian, Tau, Daan, Theresa and Vicky. Sadly this group also contained the majority of the wielded force in the PV and since Clayton had no desire other then guarding the PV it was left to Vikingen to protect and serve. Hence (as Moses) he burned his gathered knowledge and wisdom, therefor this part will also be mostly based on the information gathered by the few sources that survived and the interpretation of the othe 5 chosen ones.
One of the best and most objective sources left from the PV-era is the calendar indicating the visitors and travelers moving through the PV. Some of the earliest visitors of the PV was vikingen’s younger brothers. As celebration of the PV they devoted their time and spirit to fixing, maintaining and the intake of huge amounts of lubricants… They also managed to trick Clayton into indulgence, where the vikings are hard to match; which brought the punishment of aftermath upon him. Other interesting travelers in this time frame includes Candice (Woman of immense strength), Kinga & Conny (Smoking-hot), Toto (the Tooth fairy bring luck and happiness), Agnes (beauty of Budapest), Alex (the Canadian writer with no plan and only deadlines), Martha (bird-giver of Tau) and Sara & Maja (Swedish Valkyries).
Around this time Norma arrived, which later (see Chapter XX) introduced the Viking to concept of affection. Along with Joshua (Texanian artisan), 6 Romanian angels (Mirela, Lulu, Gina, Catalina, Alex and Mori) and then the Anick came. The Anick was already a known concept to Vikingen, even though the concept it self is rather vague. It was a pleasant arrival and everybody felt joy and was proud to present what they had done with the PV. At the end of the Anick, Norma returned and brought her friend Theresa (later to become Lucian’s). It was the month of the Saint they call Patrick and Vikingen was rejoicing with Lucian, Theresa and Norma; this was the time where Lucian and Vikingen was still on even terms. They went out and celebrated in the Pub’s of the Celts; they where granted the honours of full bar attention when they had the drink known to mankind as ‘Irish car-bomb’. Within the following days Theresa and Lucian bonded.
In the days following the days of Patrick the Saint, the PV was visited by Moka; A famous touch-juglor from country far away where the rats jump and box. He was joined by (what was later to become a blood brother of vikingen) Utto (the tiny mighty-one) and later he returned to bond with Vikingen. During this period of joy and pure indulgences, Vikingen was contacted by Jill of Troyes. Jill and her trusted follower, Elodie, wanted to spend 2 months in Berlin. Vikingen was very interested happy to help out the two girls, even though their communication sometimes where not comprehensible to him. As the day where Jill and Elodie finally came, he was happy to see them. With them their friends and family also followed and Vikingen got to know Noon and Alix this way. The time (2 months) where Jill and Elodie stayed was very pleasant and Vikingen enjoyed them very much, later he even went to visit them (with his brother) in their home town of Troyes. Where he was greeted and welcome by both of them and Noon, with good wine and cheese. The pleasant time of the French girls also brought along another French girl, Jade. Vikingen was unknown to the part she would play for him in the last part of the PV era, but he was happy to meet her as he was to meet all guests. Perhaps in this case even a little more then usual!