For the Beginning: Volbeat a Warriors call

On a cold 1 October 2008 where Vikingen earlier promised himself to act just for the sake of changing his current life situation, with which he was not happy. As a decent Viking he had just finished a year long raid in the country the Anglo-Saxons called the East Midlands and went on a month long raid on the main Islands (Ireland and Britain). His current state was bondsman of a great local tribesman called Kromand; famous for his wealth, kindness, calmness and success in the local community. He sought to break this bond and seek audience in the famous Germanic city of Berlin, where he would give a new oath to a new tribe forming. The so called PV-Project, later to reform into the PV-house. He pledged that he would spend his weaken hours maintaining this place with all his skills acquired so far in his life.

Arriving in the forsaken city of the Germanic tribes called Berlin (which where going to become his home for 2 winters) he sought up the PV-facilitators. Sadly the Germanic contact proved not to be reliable and the PV-facilitators where scattered with the wind, within Berlin and it would be another 4 months before the PV-house would be born. Even though they where in the beginning several PV-babies, they where at the birth only 6 left (of which in the end there would be none, but many scholars and learners from this birth, estimated to be around 500-600 souls).

The Journey for the Viking continued in the 4 months and the there where made several attempt to uphold the oath given previously to the bondsmen of the PV-project. How ever the brotherhood in the project was severely weakened after the 1st miscarriage of the PV-house. The Viking was left to look for a job and housing; which took him across many interesting paths and made him spend some time on doing tasks that where only meant to be time-consuming. This might have learned him some valuable aspects of patience, which he where to apply in future events and situations. During this period he also meet Isa, the Rogue princess of Berlin, she became a interesting person and friend that had influence on the Viking and they stayed in contact.

The end of November brought him housing and a job. The Job seemed promising in the beginning and allowed much freedom for the Viking, which was one of his main interests in his search. Sadly Vikingen fell into one of the notoriously known infernal-pits of despair (this one known as Infurn). Nonetheless Vikingen was to make the best out of the situation and though the visit (visit since the experience, payment, customer support, etc. was a both Positive and Negative experience, which leads to a Neutral outcome. This may also be described as emotionally a very bad outcome, but practically a very positive experience) in this Fiery pit of carnage.
 The total despair was endured for 5 months and was demanding a lot of Vikingens attention and awareness, never the less he managed to keep contact to some of the PV-facilitators (Daan, Tau, Clayton, Lucian and Vicky), which resulted in the second beginning of a Journey.

Before we move into this second beginning we need to recall the thoughts of ONE. ONE was created by Vikingen as he felt the need to express his thoughts to something. ONE offers us a great insight in the story of the four months as we can cite interesting utterances from the documentation of ONE. For the period from 1 Feb (the Era of PV) and until its death the night of the living death there was previous documentation, which however got lost in the great revolt by Vikingen.

Quotes from ONE

XXX Quotes from ONE

29-12-08: ‘Held er jo trods alt 50% forberedelse og 50% en gunstig lejlighed.‘ (Luck is afterall 50% preparation and 50% opportunity)

01-01-09: ‘ …tak til Clayton da han fik mig sparket ud af sengen…‘ (Thanks to Clayton, for kicking me out of the bed)
‘…det spanske hus.’ (…the Spanish house.)

25-01-09: ‘ …hendes Bus-buddy’s Kærstes DJ event…’ (Her Bus-buddy-boyfriends Dj event)

31-01-09 ‘…Schønhauser Allee 146 i Project voluntering, sammen med Tau, Vicky, Lucian, Daan, Clayton.