The Cast for the Norse saga of a Viking in Permanent Denial..!

– Old Brutish human from the Norse, in this particular case Denmark. They where mostly known as formidable warriors, but also for their cunningness in trade and fiery hatred in blood feuds. It is believed they where of lesser intelligence and where primed to indulge in excessive drinking, feast and womanizing.

– One of the story tellers on the Saga. One has a total weight of 1 kilo, zero brain and no soul; thus it will tell the story completely unbiased (with the little exception of not interpreting what the Viking feeds it).

– also known as middle-earth or the transit area from heaven to hell. This was the place of great and many deeds until it got ravaged by the Plague of Lucian, which left the PV-house burned to the ground and never to recover; until it was finally unmitigated on the 31st of January 2010.

– A Valkyrie. The Valkyries where the powerful-women warriors of Asgaard, that would collect the worthy fallen warriors and bring them to the great halls of Odin. This Particular Valkyrie helped the Viking discovering new ways of relating to humans, thought him a lot on affection, made him dependent on affection and feed him and his companions the most wonderful cakes.

– Chinese traveler. Was trained in the arts of martial art and was a very handsome man; sadly the time changed him and he became wise before his body ran out of youth. He then became an old mind trapped in a young body.

– Irish artisan and licensed massless. This mature Celtic defender of sloth and idleness was as a little kid cursed for his reluctance and merriness. He has been marked with a noticeable skin disease; due to his past history where he once crossed path with a little kitten, which where Orreo coloured.

– Sebastian was once known as ‘Sebastian the Horrible’ among the Germanic Tribes because of his great victories in his battle against Sarcasm and Irony. Though he was fatally wounded on the Battlefield by a sharp Verbal gutting cut from a mighty Man from the north. By sheer luck and blessing from this years of training and dieting he somehow survived and is still among us today. Though his wounds have left him Idle and slow compared to the lean-machine he once was. He still makes attempts on gaining his former strength by training and dieting, but never in the same proportion as he used to. He is left as a man getting older and slows down every day, soon he will but be a Sponge or shadow of the former wonderful frame of a man.

– This Merry Valkyrie queen, from the forests around the halls of Stockholm, was born as a duality. She may be fond of men, but also women. She may be naive and gentle, but also determined and harsh. She may be warm and idle, but also wise and impure. Nonetheless she is most certainly playful, which brings her on many great adventures (some of these crossing the Vikingen’s).

– The Canadian Gargoyle and protector of the PV and their inhabitants. As all gargoyles Clayton turns into stone when he slumbers and is mainly made up by body-parts of ebony. His origin is believed to be the misty Scotland, where the whispery druids created his kind. For some reason this kind Gargoyle has chosen the PV as his dwelling. It is common believe that the Gargoyle will keep evil spirits at bay and prevent bad luck.

– Son of Illidan, the magic hunter with an unquenched thirst for magic. Being the son of Illidan, Lucian had a different hunger and was hungering for knowledge, which hence also let him to join the forces of evil and good in his resilient pursuit for knowledge and information.

– This magnificient spirit blew life into the PV-house and gave birth to it in her name. However the spirit vanished in the early days, but it has been reported from travelers that she still wanders the PV from time to time to see what is taking place in her name.

– Interesting creature. Seems to be somewhat related to the elves (See Jade) and can cause bad dreams as well. They are magnificent and charming creatures to look at and you may only marvel at their beauty, but as Odysseus you should stay tied to a mast to resist their enchanting voice. As the Sirens, the Tau may as well be a combination of half bird and half woman. Though they seem fond of Aubergines, they have been reported to be carnivorous.

– This dwarf-like being is especially fond of beer, meat and beautiful women. As all dwarf beings they are highly skilled in the crafts of programming and offer their services at the right price to whom ever are willing to pay it. Sadly the Daan’s are also simple beings and they tend to be easily enchanted by the beauty that they experience around them, which often causes them to appear slow or suffer unnecessarily.

– also known as Infurnal Pit of Despair, may be used as a common term to describe the occurrence of unfavorable events or journeys.

– Priestess from the house of justice. She looks upon the world and observes, though her physical appearance indicates that she is blind. She thus is able to give a unbiased and objective statement. Her tools of the traded is a scale (always in balance) and a weird little box that plays music.

– One of the virgins employed at the Oracle. They where beautiful women collected from all over the world. Tilde originated from the home of Vikingen and moved to the main city of the tribe, where she studied thourgly for the future of mankind.

– Famous Rogue from the city of Berlin. The origin is unknown, she roams the streets of Berlin at day and night. She even grants hospitality and help to whom proves themselves worthy.

– The Queen of Sweden. Not much is needed to be said, other then she is a gentle and fair queen; beautiful as mountain dew.

The 3 Musketeers from France:
– are Pascal, Fabrice and Jeremie. We need not to say much but that the band of three has preformed great deeds and worship the words preached by the fat pagan god of the east.

– The princess offspring of the Nemean Lion, she also has inherited the impenetrable and fine hide. Yet she is not to be mettled with as she is a predator and keeps a look-out for prey. Being a young lioness, she still posses a great amount of curiosity and appetite for life.

– Dutch sailor and rambler. His journeys has provided him with wisdom for life and he shares this in bits and pieces as he roams the world. However he is also inclined to merriment and excessiveness; almost to an extend of a more familiar pirate.

– Notorious buccaneer from NY. He set out on his artisan ship from NY to find fame and riches in Berlin. Upon his arrival he was captured by the merriment in the PV-house and almost lost his mind to madness. He has since recovered and lives a life as windjammer corps and roams the scenes of Berlin.

– This mystery creature perhaps best describes her self as a harpy or one of Loki’s minions. It is difficult to say whether an encounter with a Naomi will be for your gain or loss? Never the less they are kind and sometimes even helpful.

– Evil and cunning elf-woman. See entry on Elves in the Britannica:
The notable characteristics of elves were mischief and volatility. They were believed at various times and in various regions to cause diseases in humans and cattle, to sit upon the breast of a sleeper and give him bad dreams

– An dubious being and not believed to be from this earth. The activity level of the Katy increases with the intake of Coffee or other similar liquid substances. Converses in several languages and may still be incomprehensible or act so from time to time, but never the less you have to recognize her effort. It has not yet been reported that the Katy lives of anything else then liquids and it is thus believed the she is machine-like and works on lubricators.

Special Guests:
– Sveta: Russian companion of Katy.
– Ula: match of Jake and later playmate of Emma.
– Otto: Serious Viking, not to be mettled with.
– Lucien: The man from the ocean. He is as handsome and youthful in heart as he is curious.

Music list:

For the Beginning: Volbeat a Warriors call

For the Middle part: Saw OST

for the Encore: Wayward son