‘Dear Mr. Petersen,3

As you know i was not able to make it to the final exam, and help support my team members for the hedge fund group. Personally i want to apologize for not informing you before hand, but unfortunately i was only able to connect to the internet today night. I was absent due to my health, and i will be sending Prof. XYZ my “Attest” to be kept in record. If there is anyway that i could change my grade i would be grateful.

Thank you for your understanding, i will be awaiting your feedback,


The E-mail above was send to me, followed by an genuine absence note from a doctor and the invoice from the pharmacy. I went to school with this guy for 1 semester (3-4 months), why he things I am a Professor/teacher is incomprehensible to me. Nevertheless I did give my own evaluation on some exams and posted them on a separate blog and send all my class mates the link for it. If this (what I consider rather) simple commitment was the reason for me becoming a academic teacher, I think this says more about our teachers or xxx’s commitment then any other thing I can think of…


p.s. 1 out of 5 stars, go read something else…