‘Huh’, I said… And he looked at me, with this why-smile, without asking?

Anyway, by accident I missed someones birthday. Even though this person most likely would have been better (that is only for themselves) of not experiencing their first birthday at all. We have to reckon that the presence of whom gives some gives some interesting teachings or perhaps just enforces the ones already present.

So as a token of my gratitude, I wrote this person a little Poem before emotions turned indifferent towards this person, it has been entitled ‘A little Pain once written…’

Before that a little disclaimer or prefix if you may: The following syntax, language and narratives might or might not provide you a feeling of emotional unstableness or even nauseous. If your birthday was the 4th of January, you most likely the smell… If you know me you most likely know the individual in request and can perhaps tell them. Last but not last: ‘NO lifeguard, swim at own risk!’

May no man ever saturate your hunger
May your grievance keep your torn
May your tears sting and dry you cheeks
May your despair be endless
May your pain tear you apart
May your shyness turn you speechless

This said the word left is: fuck off and die! or Open!
I like the Pain!
but I will get the Tee-shirt…
Then I hung it…
I am sad to say that this will most likely be the only gift you’ll ever receive, even though I recall to would have given you so much more. Right there after given you so much pain and just the other day when I was asked had absolutely nothingness on my mind when your name popped-up. Amazing eh, so much was there and now it vanished into indifference…p.s. this would also go to one whom I would hope keeps his promise of taking me for a good beer, one day.