Dear Student,
*I write to you as there has been some incidents reported regarding your lacking commitment in the university and you attempt to create uproar in the lessons.*
Juxtaposing the sentence above to my thoughts I realize that I am still very much into upset and ire the academic authorities (and all other authorities). What makes these indivduals so tempting to torture? how can it be that sparks and fireworks are realized as soon as a window presents it self and you even try hard to preassume such occurences?
Along with the old habits new adventures (Dublin, Relationships, Personal credit crunch and Exams), I am feverish curious about, are taking form.
I am constantly posting new secret messages in bottles for new adventures in the future and it amazes me and stirs my guts to know what is/might be coming towards on the next journey.
Bonds once strong in the past are breaking down, new bonds are being tied and old bonds of friendship are being redefined.
So much Poetry and Philosophy there is present in current and past events and still to discover.
A friend introduced me to this riddle today:

You die and find yourself in an undefined space and you need to find out where you are; heaven or hell?
I front of you is a gate with two guards, one of them always stating the true and another the false.
You want to figure out where you are and whether you should pass through the gate onto the other side.
You are allowed to ask the two guides/guards for help, but you are only granted one question to one of the guides/guards. What will your question be?

Love Chris