How have you woken up today?

This was one of the insights I got from a nice botswana’an dinner (Paa) yesterday and a nice breakfast this morning with Bonty, Christina, Sebastian and Fabio. Bonty told us about how the community is organized in Botswana, how marriages are concluded and about culture in general. How have you kept yourself? Water (food, water and eadable stuff in genreal) and Fire (warmth, hospitality and housing, etc.). Theses words gave whole new meaning explained through Bonty and I am very graceful for her sharing that with us.
Also their idea of giving cattle in exchange for marrying a woman gave a whole new aspect of wealth distribution. Thank you, Bonty and everyone in the process.

Further more you might have noticed my beard is gone. I have made a bet with my brother. In exchange for him quitting smoking; I will shave of my beard, cut my hair and gain 10 Kg. First step has been made and I am uploading the video of the shave in this moment, for me to show my brother.