In the beginning of this week I made myself a nice little task list and this can so to speak be an update on it. In order to keep anonymity I have marked all names with X.

  1. Cut X off! what does the dream mean? X in harms way?
  2. X, what is the truth here?
  3. I want to make X my brother!
  4. Ask X for material on Anthropology
  5. Tell X: ‘I do not know (hug), but I think you are an confused bast….
  6. Tell X: ‘I perceive you are inflexible and sometimes comes of narrow minded’
  7. Tell X, X did an awesome job!
  8. Ask X if X minds that I use/joke X’s accent.
  9. Tell X not to be scared and keep telling me when I am scary.

Green is already accomplished…
Yellow I will try to accomplish and have the desire too…
Red/orange will most likely become failures…

Why does humans try to complicate this world so much? Why do they try to understand what they cannot? And worst of all why do they keep pursuing tasks that creates agony…

Last statement goes both ways and becomes contradicting in the language of discourses when language are interpreted… What ever happened to plainly trusting people?

Funny thinks I have experienced is very trustful persons offering 100% unconditional trust to another person, only in order to be thwarted out by the mistrust from the other person regarding the hidden agendas of this trust… I guess people seeing the world as rose-coloured and accept the world for what it is are mentally insane… It does not help that I am trying to see the irony and sarcasm in theses create behemoths of discourses that people call social standards… More morbid it becomes when I realize I am in the middle of a alternative community that considers it self outside of the normal social frameworks!

A little boat filled with Vikings was once caught in the midst of a triangular transition-stream being pulled of Midgard, Bifrost and the claws of Hel from the death realm… Will the boat be torn to shreds and each little viking be drawn towards his destinate void? or does there exist a possibility of guiding the boat in safe-heaven and in this case which one will it be?


p.s. If you ask me for Peace never… People die miserable deaths in peace!

p.p.s. If you do not find it funny, it is not my PROBLEM!!