To the Left you see the Awesome Musaka created and consumed by Federico and -Vikingen-… It should be noted that Three of these where made and all there where amazingly tasty and filling.

This was done in cooperation with the central Waldheim of Stuttgart and Marc. We are grateful for the toys provided and opportunity to work with Magic.

Thanks to the local bar of Marc for the Shoots and the new game of Chicago. They where all awesome and the girls where ‘not so bad’.

To the Right you see an awesome picture taken of my tiny cousin in Munich. The picture is so gorgeous as it can be.

This will be on the front picture for her 18 year old birthday. For sure.

Her Sisters are equally gorgeous and together they make an beautiful triple-combo.

Thanks for all the amazing people on my trip. Now I find my self back in Berlin in some place I am not sure what to call yet.

Also I made brownies and named it: ‘Fuck off and Die!’