So Here I am in wonderfull Bavaria, Munich. At my aunts place recovering from 2 days of girly birthdays with everything included. Hopefully my hearing will return, before hitching tomorrow towards Stuttgart on the A8.

I want to eat books in the Library about web-services and I want to see the people who gets into the PV-house. Eliza (cute little Aussie) will stay at our place from Wedensday and 2 weeks out. Saturday there might be a Coldplay-Singstar and Ben & Jerries party in the flat. There will be a Journalist coming to talk to a few people about the project and perhaps take some pictures.

Friday will be a hitch straight from Stuttgart too Berlin and then into the fray as the house has apparently been put on pause (decided by ‘we’). Note to self: find out who is ‘we’ and if you are part of that ‘we’. Answer might be given on for hand.

SaaSkon is on wedensday, Frederico-Stuttgart-combo tomorrow.

So pictures from the trip will hopefully be uploaded in Stuttgart from the conference. There are a few gems in between…

Love, Learn, Share and Teach